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Traffic Hawk

Improve Safety With Speed Enforcement

The ISN Traffic Hawk Video System ensures the safety of your community with the ultimate unmanned video traffic enforcement system. 

  • Traffic HankThe Traffic Hawk is a speed radar unit with high resolution video
  • Internal battery allows for 3-4 hours of operation, external battery allows for days of operation
  • Data is saved locally or can be transmitted real time over WiFi or 3G/4G
  • Each speed event is bookmarked for easy review
  • Optional GPS tracking can alert you when the unit is moved
  • Stop sign mode will record a movie showing stop sign runners
  • Fixed, portable and nighttime versions are available
  • Enforces your community speed limits, regulate traffic
  • Does not require extra manpower
  • May generate additional revenue to your community
  • Avoids unhappy confrontation between speeders and security personnel
  • Violations are processed within your community avoiding insurance premium increase, court appearance, or points on your driver license

Traffic Hawk: Operation Manual

Traffic Hawk: Remote Video

Traffic Hawk: Playback Software

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