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Digital Global IP Video Solutions  

ISN Digital Video Solutions is a suite of software providing a Total Video solution in a single Package. The system attaches Video events to access control events and will work with all types of cameras: CCTV Cameras, Covert, IP Based, Infra-Red, Thermal Imaging, Day/Night, License Plate Recognition and more.

Web-Eye Live

Windows-based software displays video streams from up to 16 different sources real-time. PTZ support for major brands Ability to combine Cameras or Encoders from different locations. 1 click to Zoom, 1 right-click to Open the Archive Viewer.

ISN VDO File Controller

Automatically archives the pictures in an encrypted proprietary file format. History files will be only be accessible with the ISN Video History Viewer. Archive file sizes are variable from 2 Mb to 10 Mb. Can automatically upload video events to the Internet.

ISN Video Archive Viewer Software

Password-protected software that is launched automatically from Web-Eye Live Multiple speeds and directions playback Search by location, camera name, events, user name, date and time.

ISN Web-Eye Admin

Administrator can assign names, locations, access levels and groups to cameras Administrator will manage authorized users Cameras have different access levels according to locations and type.

ISN Web-Eye Encoder

Advanced Internet based camera encoder available in 1 or 4 channels and 6 fps to 30 fps, Includes up to 4 alarms inputs and 4 relays output per encoder. Hi-Resolution up to 4 CIF with 704×480 pixels Streaming VDO up to 30 fps per channel with M-JPEG, MPEG4 and JPEG formats Optical Motion Detection, Grid selection with object size and sensitivity All files can be watermarked, Pre and Post event pictures up to 32 Mb.

ISN Photo Link

Allows for attaching pictures to each access control event Report Engine software will display an access log with related pictures. Ability to type a name or card number and view history with pictures.

ISN Multi Track

Allows for switching and zooming to multiple targets sequentially. Overview camera(s) will trigger the PTZ to move to presets. Preset allows a closer look at activity. Useful when you want to watch a large area such as a parking lot or a pool.

ISN Video Web Recording

VDO Web Recording, Unmanned gated communities can upload all activity pictures to the internet for easy reviewing. Pictures can be searched by time frame and location.
On newer models local storage within the camera is also available.
Display can be mosaic mode or like a movie.

ISN Video Eye Map

Interactive map where you can click on locations and have the following: Open a Virtual matrix with all the cameras you have authorized access. A left click will Zoom and bring full screen on the selected camera A right click will bring the History Viewer. The Eye-Map is compatible with Google Earth.

ISN Web Eye Alert

Ability to be notified when there is site activity after hours. Be alerted by sound on your PC, e-mail, or text messaging on your phone. Voice calls can also be placed with the option to talk to the intruder or activate remotely relays – sirens, smoke, lights etc. Includes a weekly schedule.


View live VDO from your cameras on your Iphone, Gphone or smart phones with Windows mobile and symbian OS. Supports 3G network. ISN Web Eye Alert.