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ISN Gatekeeper & Visitor Screening

The fastest and easiest visitor screening available


Main displays includes visitor search, vehicle and pedestrian access. Available for desktops, laptops and tablets.

The ISN Gatekeeper is a touch screen application for processing visitors. Its intuitive interface is fast to use and easy to learn. Pre approved visitors are quickly displayed and logged.

The ISN Gatekeeper & visitor screening combines voice-mail, photo recording & driver’s license scanning. It speed dial residents phones when unannounced visitors arrive or notify residents via text or e-mail when an authorized guest has been cleared.

  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • 1-minute guard training
  • Combines voice-mail, photo recording, and driver’s license scanning
  • Speed dial residents phones when unannounced visitors arrive
  • Dual printer capability offers flexible pass printing from small thermal to color page
  • Allows for temporary residents such as time-shares and renters
  • Can notify residents via text or e-mail when a guest has been cleared
  • Option to grab a picture of the driver and the vehicle license plate
  • Gate can be opened automatically when the visitor is logged
  • Can read the barcodes printed on the guests invitations from the website or from passes
  • Remote screening available with audio, video, printing passes and gate opening
  • Unique Integrated Software Package
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The ISN Gatekeeper system is a combination of several software programs that work together. ONE DATABASE – ONE REPORT ENGINE

Each piece of software can also be used individually or together with all of its companions. As a result, it is much easier to enter data and sort it.