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Our Experienced team as well as outside consultants can help you in your projects.

  • Vulnerability Assessments,
  • Gate design,
  • Gate Area design,
  • Security Recommendations,
  • Wireless Devices installed by ourselves

These services include maintenance for the following equipment:

  • Computers and related products such as monitors, modems, routers and networking equipment, printers, and backup power supplies.
  • Cameras and surveillance monitors. This can also include wiring and connectors, housing and brackets.
  • Gates and access control equipment such as gate-arms, magnetic loops, tag-readers, control boards, and relays/switches.
  • Reordering of Tags, cards and bar-code decals.
  • Scanners or card readers can be replaced or repaired.
  • Wiring, network cards, antennas, transmitters, routers, access points, repeaters, etc.