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With over a decade of providing access control solutions to Bay Colony, ISN has continued to maintain its position as an industry leader by providing new and innovative cutting edge developments that have enhanced our operations. In meeting our most recent challenge of processing a high vehicular traffic volume with limited human and physical resources, ISN solved our vehicle processing dilemma, in a cost effective manner, by developing a “site-specific” mobile app used with an i-phone that effectively doubled our ability to process vehicles by virtually creating a second processing line. Utilizing a built-in barcode scanner, ISN’s iPhone app allows us to process incoming vehicles by scanning barcodes on pre-issued passes, which updates our main processing computer in real-time and also allows for remote operation of our entrance gates.

Our community was desperately in need of a new gate access control system. The old keypad/gate opener entry just was not providing the control we needed. We did extensive research and contacted a wide variety of vendors. What struck me about ISN was their ability to quickly grasp the unique requirements of our oceanfront gated community. Despite being in Florida and our community being in Kona, Hawaii they presented an attractive fully customized package. Though our Board of Directors was somewhat hesitant to contract with a company so far away, that hesitation quickly vanished once The ISN team went to work. From Mike in sales to Richard who flew to Hawaii to do the implementation to Georgia who is always available for technical support to Olivier and the rest of the team, we would like to thank them for an extraordinary job and a great system! The remote kiosk and portable tablet allows our guards to spend more time on patrol while still monitoring the gate, the RFID reader allows owners easy access, the bar code pass system allows the owners themselves to authorize access to their own properties while keeping an electronic log so owners can monitor who has come to their property and when and the list of features and benefits goes on and on! The ISN system has saved us the cost of hiring another guard while giving us “state of the art” features! ISN met a critical deadline and on budget. Their company culture fit well with the Hawaiian culture, they never said “no”, they just told us how they could get it done. This is an exceptionally well run company. I highly endorse them as they are a pleasure to work with. Mahalo

Bruce Correll
VP, Kona Bay Estates